As a player diving into the world of Valorant, you might find yourself drawn to agents with straightforward abilities that complement your aim. While Reyna has been a reliable choice for solo queue and carrying in unrated matches, several other agents can excel in solo play while also contributing to the team’s success. In this blog post, we’ll explore the best agents for solo queue domination in the current 2024 Valorant meta.

Phoenix: The Self-Sufficient Fragger

Phoenix is an excellent choice for players who prioritize self-sufficiency and fragging potential. His kit revolves around his signature ability, “Hot Hands,” which allows him to throw a fireball that damages enemies and heals himself upon landing. Phoenix’s flash, “Curveball,” can be curved around corners to blind opponents, setting up easy frags. His ultimate, “Run it Back,” creates a marker that he can teleport back to if he dies during its duration, giving him a second chance to make plays.

Iso: The Tactical Sentinel

Iso is a unique agent who excels at holding down sites and providing support for the team. Her signature ability, “Shield Generator,” creates a one-shot shield that can be renewed with each kill, offering additional survivability in duels. Iso’s wall ability, “Sentinel Barrier,” can block off sightlines and control chokepoints, while her “Vulnerable” ability marks enemies, making them take increased damage from all sources. Mastering Iso’s kit can make you a formidable presence on the battlefield.

Yoru: The Elusive Infiltrator

Yoru is an agent that thrives on deception and outplays. His kit revolves around his ability to teleport and create distractions. Yoru’s flash, “Blindside,” can be thrown and activated remotely, allowing for creative plays. His signature ability, “Gatecrash,” enables him to teleport to a placed marker, making him incredibly slippery in combat. Yoru’s ultimate, “Dimensional Drift,” turns him invisible and invulnerable for a short duration, allowing him to reposition or gather information. Mastering Yoru’s mind games can be incredibly rewarding in solo queue.

Neon: The Speedy Fragger

Neon is an agent designed for players who love to take aggressive fights and outmaneuver their opponents. Her kit focuses on mobility and fast-paced combat. Neon’s signature ability, “High Gear,” allows her to sprint at high speeds, making her difficult to hit. Her wall ability, “Fast Lane,” creates two electrified walls that damage and slow enemies who pass through them. Neon’s ultimate, “Overdrive,” enhances her speed even further and equips her with an energy beam that can quickly melt enemy health bars.

While aim is undoubtedly a crucial aspect of Valorant, mastering the abilities of self-sufficient agents can greatly enhance your solo queue experience. Whether you prefer the self-healing and fragging potential of Phoenix, the tactical approach of Iso, the mind games of Yoru, or the high-speed combat of Neon, each of these agents offers unique playstyles that can carry games and contribute to the team’s success.

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By Godtier