Improving your aim is one of the most impactful ways to climb the ranks in Overwatch. But how long does it really take to see noticeable improvements? And what are the best methods to train your aim? I gathered perspectives from the Overwatch community on Reddit to find out.

Many players recommend using aim training tools like VAXTA, KAVE5 and MHGGS for 20-60 minutes per gaming session. These allow you to practice core aiming skills like flicking, tracking, and vertical aim in an isolated environment. However, don’t expect your accuracy percentages in aim trainers to translate directly to matches. The unpredictable movement and abilities of real opponents make aiming much more challenging.

This is why many recommend practicing aim in actual game modes, especially Deathmatch. Dueling real players who shoot back helps bridge the gap between sterile aim training and chaotic matches. It gets you acclimated to the pressures and distractions that can throw off your aim.

Speaking of pressure, the mental aspect is just as important as the mechanical side of aiming. Nervousness, anxiety about performance, and tilt from misses or deaths can cause you to choke shots you normally hit. Staying calm and composed is key. Focus on making an impact, not just a high accuracy stat.

Beyond the mental game, your positioning and angles relative to enemies has a huge impact on aim. Avoid low percentage shots, like spamming into clusters of enemies. Instead, find off-angles to isolate targets. Aim at one enemy at a time in clear sightlines.

As for the timeline of improvement, don’t expect overnight results, even with an hour of daily aim training. Stick with it for at least a month or two to start seeing aim become more subconscious and reliable. The more hours and focused practice you put in over time, the more you’ll see it pay off in matches.

If you seem stuck in one place, you might reach for boosting. As it might be a great way to rank up and improve. Aiming is a complex skill in Overwatch with many factors beyond just mechanics. Consistent practice both in and out of matches, strong mental composure, and smart positioning will slowly but surely improve your aim and rank. Keep at it and you’ll get there!

By Godtier