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Overwatch enthusiasts hold Numbani in high regard, citing its lively colors, recognizable music, and tactical nooks as reasons for its popularity. However, it’s been absent from the game’s map rotation for a while. Fans resorted to wandering the map in custom matches, only to discover that it was removed from Overwatch 2.

This came as a surprise to many, considering that other maps outside the regular map pool remained in custom options, including 2CP maps. The situation raised some concerns, and players wondered why the map was removed and whether it would return to custom games.

However, Numbani made a quiet comeback on Feb. 7, accompanying Season Three. The map is now available in casual and competitive matches but remains unavailable in custom games.

While the developers haven’t offered any explanations for Numbani’s disappearance, some players speculate that the team could have been fixing bugs and making adjustments in preparation for its return in Overwatch 2. The attacking team’s spawn location underwent some modifications, with the airport finally repaired years after its destruction during the introduction of Doomfist.

Fans have also been intrigued by the addition of Gdansk, a Polish city, as a destination in the spawn locations. They believe this may be a hint at an upcoming map for Season Four. In the meantime, players can enjoy the new map, Antarctica, which was released alongside Season Three.

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