We all at some point have felt confidence loss, either because we’ve got a really bad game or just because of a massive losing streak. It’s a common feeling for everyone as even pros have this problem. Today we’re gonna tell you how to massively improve your confidence.

1- Play against intro bots

Might sound weird, but If you’re in gold rank or below, you’ll probably feel good by playing this game mode as you’ll be able to win 1 VS 5 easily, boosting your confidence and giving you strength to continue trying on your ranked matches!

2- Smurfing in lower rankings

Smurfing is really enjoyable for higher ranking players as you’ll be playing against real people while carrying games with really good KDA and CS, as well as maybe learning new champions. This is really good for building back confidence as long as you are good enough to carry games in lower rankings.

3- Motivational esports videos

Everyone can watch these videos. They will give you extra motivation to continue grinding and learning from your mistakes till you get your desired achievement! Give it a try, it feels really nice watching those!

4- Duo with a high elo player

Playing duo with a high elo player is really beneficial as you’ll be winning most of the games and learning a lot from an experienced player. This will grow your confidence while getting higher rankings and becoming a better player!

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