There are a lot of websites with different purposes for League Of Legends as it is a very complex game. These might be used for improvement, getting pre-game/after-game analysis, searching for the best players and statistics overall. Today we’re gonna share with you the most useful websites for League Of Legends in 2022.

Mobalytics is a performance analytics website with an app that gives you most of the information needed to improve as well as pre-game analysis done by high elo players.

Porofessor gives you live game statistics from everyone in your game or in your champion select lobby such as win rates and KDA.

LoLCounters provides you with the best counters for champions and some tips to help you deal with them. shows the champions that are performing best in the current meta as well as information about win, ban and pick rates. is the most known website for statistics as you can check summoner data, champions, spectate players and check leaderboards.


Lolalytics is another statistics website with an extra feature which allows you to check the best players in each champion. provides zero-risk LoL Boosting services by Challenger boosters at a cheap price in North America, Europe and Australia.

Proguides is a site that provides video lessons for players to learn, however, most of their content is paid.

Mobafire is the website with the most guides for every champion in the game. It’s free and you can learn any champion that you want.

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