Tyler1 expressed his excitement over the news of jungle role nerfs coming in LoL patch 13.5 by celebrating in an over-the-top manner, sprinting up and down his house.

Tyler1 has always been known for his criticism of League, particularly when it comes to the jungle role. While he considers it the best role, he claims it’s filled with the worst players. Jungle players have called him out in the past for being an ADC main who didn’t understand the role, but he proved them wrong by reaching Challenger by playing only jungle.

Despite reaching Challenger on every lane, he still holds a grudge against jungle players, as evidenced by his recent tweet celebrating the upcoming changes to the PBE for patch 13.5. In the video, his girlfriend tells him about the jungle nerfs, causing him to charge towards the laptop in shock before celebrating the changes.

Tyler1 exclaimed, “League is saved! caiyla! Saved!” while jumping up and down excitedly. The changes are minor, but they are intended to curb early lane ganks, which have become the meta in recent patches. Instead, the changes aim to incentivize jungle farming and counter jungling by increasing the gold given per camp and scaling the lane XP received rather than providing a fixed value.

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