Summoner’s Rift is preparing to welcome League of Legends’ newest champion, Milio, and fans are eagerly anticipating more information about this character and his abilities before his official release.

On March 4, Riot Games unveiled Milio through the release of two short stories on the game’s Universe page. Although we don’t have the specifics of his abilities at this time, fans have already started to speculate about them based on his epithet and biography.

What we know so far about Milio in League of Legends is that he is also known as the Gentle Flame and comes from Ixtal, an isolated region that is famous for its magical jungles. Other notable League characters from Ixtal include Qiyana, Rengar, and Neeko. Ixtal draws its inspiration heavily from Latin American cultures, and this influence can be seen in Milio’s character design.

Before Milio’s birth, his grandmother Lupé practiced as an elemental master with her twin sister, Luné. Unfortunately, the sisters were separated and punished after Luné was caught plotting against the Yun Tal. Lupé tried to pass on her teachings to Milio, but he did not show the same affinity for the elements as she had, causing her to abandon the cause.

Despite this setback, Milio continued to practice and discovered a new axiom while helping an injured hunter. He named it the “soothing flame” and used it to heal the hunter. After returning home and demonstrating his newfound ability to Lupé, who helped him refine his skills, he set off on a journey to Ixaocan to restore his family’s position among Ixtal’s ruling class. Before leaving, he and his grandmother created a “special backpack” called a “furnasita” to keep his magical flames alive.

Although Riot Games has yet to announce Milio’s abilities, we can speculate based on the lore. Milio’s “soothing flame” and Gentle Flame epithet suggest he could be a support champion who heals allies with spirit fire rather than dealing damage. Additionally, Milio’s fire orbs have smiling faces on them in his splash art, indicating his supportive role in-game. His magical backpack, the furnasita, will likely play a role in his abilities, although its significance in the lore remains to be seen.

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