Elo Hell, sometimes known as Matchmaking Rating Hell, is a common gaming term in MOBAs featuring competitive game types. In most contexts, “Elo Hell” refers to a rating system where poor team coordination and other factors decide the quality of individual matches. Playing ranked matches becomes challenging for any player when encountering such issues; hence, improving one’s matchmaking ranking under such circumstances is extremely unlikely to happen. As a result, we put up this manual to help you level up and get out of Elo-hell.

You need to know one thing before you begin playing League of Legends, and that is the meaning of MMR and how it influences your ranking. Matchmaking Rating (MMR) is a scale that determines how proficient each player is in comparison to the rest of the group. If you want to play League of Legends fairly, you should only be matched with other players of a same skill level using the MMR system. These days, the same practices are implemented in nearly every multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) and battle royale game to maintain a level playing field.

When you are in Elo Hell you will feel like there’s not coming back from it and it’s super common to all players to feel a bit lost and not wanting to play, but get it out of Elo hell will make you a better player that’s for sure.

Mathematically speaking, Elo-hell does not exist. However, Riot Games has managed to install the technology into their game, and the results show that it is more stable and reliable than competing solutions. Every effort made by players across the globe to advance in the ranks is thwarted by their teammates, or they are locked in a role they would rather not play because of a lack of communication and cooperation.

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